22 July 2010

2010 pre-Fair OPEN HOUSE July 30-31

I'm going to be a "featured artist" at the Yolo County Fair in 2010 !!! Ya-hooo!!!

That means I'll have a show August 19-22 in Waite Hall on the Fairgrounds in Woodland, California.
(The hall is open Thurs-Sunday, Noon->10:00). You-all are certainly welcome to come by. I plan to be present Fri-Sun Noon-6:00; ready and willing to chat!

This is a little more that just an invite to the Fair; it's an invite to HELP ME DECIDE which art pieces to show! The show is a six-panel area (2 sides of three 4x8 panels), so I can put a lot up.

I figure this is my big chance to have a nice show -- and get famous! -- but I'm not sure WHICH of my pieces would be best to hang/display there. Not that I don't have my own favorites! But sometimes I can get so distracted remembering the subject ("that was the softest-feeling kitten") or an emotional response ("M. was so happy to get that one!") that it's hard to pick out the pieces that are "good" in an artistic sense.

So, if you live in the area, I'm asking for YOUR OPINIONS. ...
You-all are invited to drop by my house either Friday (30 July) or Saturday (31st) afternoon/eve (2:00-8:00pm) to snack, chat, browse around my art, and pick those items you think I should include in the August show. (I'll have all the likely candidates hung up, leaning on the walls, and filling up the furniture; you'll get a handful of stickies to apply to things you like best; and everyone can stand around eating and schmoozing as long as they want.)

I'm extending this invite to lots of people via email & Facebook & a blog. So do NOT feel you have to reply just because you see this! (But, of course, you can always write to me if you really want to.)
No RSVP needed. If you don't know where I live, call or email me for directions.

Whether you come next weekend or in August, I look forward to showing you my art.

-- Lois Richter

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