05 October 2009

“Heat Embossing: Melt Your Way to Art”

I'm offering this free workshop workshop next Monday morning (12 Oct. 2009) at the Davis Senior Center.

How this event came about is kind of cool.

Every month, one of the art groups at the Davis Senior Center supply artwork for a show in the main hallway. There is a schedule of which shows which month; reserving September & October for ANY senior who got a ribbon at that year's County Fair. (Sept = first place winners, Oct = all other ribbons.)

The "Watercolor Class" meets with a teacher and holds formal classes from 9:30-11:00 on Friday mornings. (They have a group of teachers who take turns month-by-month from Sept-June; skipping the summer.) Since they have a great many participants, they never have trouble filling the hall with work done in their class.

The Monday morning "Open Art Studio", on the other hand, is not a class and has no teacher. People just bring their work and use the space -- sometimes asking advice of each other. There are very few 'regulars' and most of us spend lots of time on each piece, so there is not a lot of art actually 'done in class'. We often have a hard time getting enough pieces of art to hang in our months.

When I got back home in mid-August, I found that the hallway was bare. It was a "Monday" month, most of us were away for the summer, and no one had put anything up. I talked with the other 'regular' who was still around and he agreed I could do a "Lois show" -- so I hung my favorite pieces, including not only paintings (done at the Center) but also photos, collages, and faux-stained-glass.

The piece that drew the most attention was "Volcano" -- a heat embossed image on a black acrylic canvas. The Senior Center's Director was very interested in learning to make one and so I offered to teach her. Since I was going to teach one person, I suggested I offer a class to anyone who wanted to come! So we arranged for a day & time.
... and that's how this workshop came to be! Below are the details from my press release:

Local Davis artist Lois Richter will hold a FREE workshop on heat embossing -- a technique that melts special powders to create a raised surface on paper or canvas.
Lois' inclusion of the art piece ‘Volcano’ in her August 2009 show at the Senior Center led some to ask, “How did you do that?” As usual, her reply was, “I’ll be happy to show you!” and so this workshop was created.
Meet at the Davis Senior Center (646 A St) at 10:00 am on Monday (12 October 2009) to learn “Heat Embossing -- How to Melt Your Way to Art”.
Please register ahead so I can bring enough supplies.
Leave a sign-up message at 530-758-5058.

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