09 September 2009

2010 guest exhibitor!

Great news from the Yolo County Fair! Betty Berteaux, who manages both the "Photography" and "Fine Arts" sections (i.e., Waite Hall), has asked ME to be one of the two featured artists at next year's Fair! WOW!

What a surprise! What an honor! After initially blurting out "But I'm not good enough!", I quickly agreed to do it. I figured that since I had a YEAR to put together something nice, it shouldn't be too hard. Of course, I wanted to not just show "flat things" (photos & paintings); so I asked if I could include a bookcase to display other objects and Betty said "Yes, as long as you don't block the aisles." Great!

The display they provide is made from 3 horizontal 4'x8' panels raised up about 18" on wooden legs. Hinged into a shallow "Z" shape, the display has pegboard on both side -- so I will have 6 panels with 2 interior angles to use. I'm already thinking about what sort of 'set design' I can add as a background for the hanging works and whether or not I want to put up some 'stories' about how certain pieces came to look as they do. Lots to plan!

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