13 March 2009

Haiga 2

This haiga only makes sense IF you know about the region-specific birds involved. In California's central valley, we have some birds which migrate up-&-down instead of north-&-south. Several species, including this Golden-Crowned Sparrow, hang out on my patio all winter long -- eating seed and socializing. Then mid-May they all fly up [east or west] to the foothills to make nests and babies.

So they migrate between food and fun!

I tried to get an up/down sing/song voice into the text, but it wasn't as effective as I had hoped.
(There is also another version on a white background.)

After sending this one in (March 2009), I decided that any future haiga would have the text WITHIN the boundaries of the image -- so that they are a seamless whole rather than looking like an ornamented poem.

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